Clarity and Results For Your Corporate Finances

When it comes to your corporate finances, you should never be left in the dark.  Get a clear picture with PLB TAX  With a to-the-minute knowledge base of Canadian tax laws, we help corporations navigate regulations in order to maximize tax savings. On the other hand, we prepare certified Notice to Reader and help to prepare Review/Audited Financial statements be it for bank purposes or other stakeholders.

Here’s How We Can Help

Financial Paperwork

  • Completing Notice to Reader/ Compilation and helping in Review/audited Engagement financial statements
  • Preparing year-end financial statements and tax returns.
  • Preparing interim financial statements and internal financial reports
  • Assistance with filing corporate tax return for the current year and prior years. Inclusion of T2, including SRED (R&D) claim.
  • Bookkeeping maintenance.
  • Completing payroll, T4, T5, ROE, WCB, GST/HST, PST and other corporate documents.
  • Completing trust and estate tax returns.

Tax-Reduction Strategies where applicable

  • Lowering this year and/or prior years’ tax payments.
  • Accessing funds from high-retained earnings without paying high taxes.
  • Ensuring all entitled tax credits and deductibles are accounted for at tax time.
  • Assessing managerial pay models (dividends, bonus, salary, management fees, shareholder loan..) for maximum long-term growth and savings.
  • Help to reorganize the corporation by adding a Trust compoment if needed to reduce/defer taxes and to mitigate risk in the long run.

Valuable Insights

  • Business performance assessments.
  • Resolving cash flow challenges.
  • Advice and guidance for budget maintenance.
  • Customized reports for specific data (ex: cash flow, banking, budgets).

Discover the bigger picture.

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