TAXATION SERVICES: how can we help?

Tax Services With Your Future In Mind.

You’re more than just a number in our books. Customized tax services from PLB TAX provide the insights and knowledge you need to make smart financial choices for long-term growth, in addition to ensuring you receive every tax credit and deductible you are entitled to.

Personal & Individual Taxes

a). We prepare and e-file (where applicable) for the following tax returns:

  • Personal tax returns for a variety of individuals, including full and part-time employees, couples, couples with/without children, students (including university students), new     immigrants, deceased persons, divorcees, and seniors.
  • Late/overdue tax returns.
  • Tax returns with the inclusion of rental properties, stock investments, sale of principle residence, capital gain, foreign reporting amongst others.

b). We handle issues with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf.

c). If you believe your prior tax returns were not prepared correctly or believe you have missed something, we can take a look and prepare any necessary amendments.

d). We provide thorough answers to your questions and concerns. Some of your queries could include:

  • Advice for minimizing taxes when selling a residential property when you own more than one.  Assessing eligibility for the Capital Gain Exemption.
  • Information for employers and contractors.
  • A checklist for personal / individual tax filing.

Small Business

Self-employed, Contractors & Proprietors

  • Assistance with starting up your business.
  • Assessment and discussion of what records to keep and best practices for keeping and maintaining them.
  • Discussion of compliance issues you need to be aware of, including income taxes, GST/HST, PST, Payroll, WCB, and all applicable due dates.
  • Checklist to better organize your GST/HST return and income taxes.
  • Ongoing communication about your account, including updates for tax regulations that affect you and your business.
  • Discussion of tax planning to help minimize any taxes you are required to pay.
  • Assistance in assessing the most effective bookkeeping strategy for your business – whether you will give it to us or you will do it yourself. If you do it yourself, whether you will need a particular software or spreadsheet (Microsoft excel).
  • Representation in the case of an audit, review or questioning by the Canada Revenue Agency, until the issue is solved.


When it comes to corporate tax services, you have choices:

Have your T2 Corporation Income Tax Return prepared as part of our Compilation and Review Planning Engagement services,
Provide us with your trial balance to have your T2 Corporate Income Tax Return prepared separately
.   Let us:

  • Prepare and e-file tax returns (where applicable)
  • Prepare amended tax returns of prior years
  • Prepare and file late/overdue tax returns
  • Show you how to withdraw money from the business with no or minimum tax consequences
  • Assess managerial payment options, such as bonuses, salaries, management fees, shareholder’s loans and dividends
  • Decide on the type of dividends (eligible or non-eligible) and prepare / file the correspondingT5 slips
  • Assist with capital dividends filings and T5 slips.
  • Initiate transfer of assets from personal to corporation or between corporations on a tax deferred basis.
  • Assist in Foreign reporting where applicable – eg, own shares of different company outside Canada
  • Assist in filing Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR &ED) Tax Credit Applications
  • Make sense of apprentice tax credits for apprentice workers within your business or organization
  • Prepare and file GST/HST return
  • Prepare and file PST return
  • Prepare and file WCB return
  • Prepare the Payroll, Payroll Remittances, Record of Employment, T4 slips and T4 summary.

We’re Your Audit Advocates.

In the case of an audit, review or questioning from the Canada Revenue Agency, we will be available to represent you and act as your advocate during the process from beginning to end.  Should you require legal advice, we can refer you to our network of established tax lawyers.

Tax planning

Here’s how we can help:

  • Minimize or defer your taxes by reviewing your compensation plan to determine what mix of salary, dividend, employee profit sharing, corporate or personal tax results in the lowest combined total tax.
  • Review your current corporate structure and make recommendations that will better protect your assets.
  • Set up the proper corporate structure to lower your taxes and enhance security of your assets.
  • Provide tax planning designed to defer and/or reduce income taxes so that you are only required to pay the legal minimum amount.
  • Help you re-organize your business and add a Trust structure if needed.

Your Taxation Needs, Handled With Care.
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