CRA Audits / Review: How can we help?

Support and Assistance You Can Count On.

Perhaps a friend or colleague said, “Don’t worry about the CRA, I’ve been deducting all kinds of expenses for years without notice, you should do the same thing. Why are you paying taxes, you should not…” and you took it to heart. Some time later, you got the phone call.

Audits and reviews happen. And when they do, it helps to have support and assistance you can count on.

In the case of an audit or review, trust PLB TAX to assist you and/or your business through the entire process. Together, we can resolve the issue and restore your peace of mind.

CRA is auditing / reviewing

a). CRA sends an auditor to your office or your house to review some documents of

  • one or more of your companies
  • your personal tax return
  • your spouse personal tax return
  • the GST/HST return
  • the payroll details including or excluding the T4 information
  • one of the partners’ or shareholders’ personal tax return

b). CRA has sent you letters or called you couple of times

c). You have already talked to CRA and you have already signed some documents for them.

d). You lost some documents that CRA is requesting

e). You are concerned that CRA might question other tax returns – other companies or prior years’ returns

f). CRA has not contacted you yet but you think you have not done all the reporting properly

Relax. We’re Here To Help.

  • We can represent you during the meetings with CRA and assess, prepare and execute strategic responses to their requests.
  • We can help you in reducing or waiving the penalties and the interests, where applicable
  • We can assess the tax implications of possible scenarios and help you decide which route to take
  • If there is something you have been doing wrong, we will educate you and show you what steps  you need to take so that you do not commit the same mistakes/issues again.

You Deserve Peace of Mind
Contact us today for your free one-hour consultation, and being your journey towards a clean slate and total peace of mind.